All professors and lecturers at the Aquatonale Academy are top experts in the field of lectures. Aquatonale Academy carefully chooses associates and tries to be experts in the world.
Dr Vera Zec

Dr Vera Zec, founder of the Academy, director of the school and leading professor.
The school is proud to have such an expert at the head of the teaching staff.

Educational Director and Professor at iMaster eAcademy International – Singapore.
Lecturer at:
  • Congress of Ozone Therapy, Rome 2015;
  • International Congress of Scientific Cosmetology, Sao Paolo 2013, Crystal Statue;
  • Global Beauty Forum Congress, Rome 2011;
  • Two lectures at the International Medical Congress of Ozone Therapy, Rio de Janeiro 2011;
  • Seminar Spa & Wellness, Seoul 2005, Golden Plaque;
  • Two lectures at Congress of Cosmetics, Taiwan 2001
Ambassador of WSO for Serbia
President of the Association for Scientific Cosmetology, Spa & Wellness, and selected educations.
Writer of many professional articles.

Hold lectures in all important subjects.

Marta Kadaš

Marta Kadaš, cosmetologist – graduated at Aquatonale Beauty Academy 2001. Since then, he
has been actively participating in many international congresses, following constantly new trends

Many times she has lectures at CIDESCO Serbia Congresses.
PR Commetee Member WSO
Member of the Presidency of the Association for Scientific Cosmetology, Spa & Wellness, and selected educations.
  • Pedicure,
  • SPA Pedicure and
  • Nail diseases
Biljana Spasojević Lazić
Biljana Spasojević Lazić, cosmetologist – graduated at Aquatonale Beauty Academy 2005. From graduation till 2006. she worked in Academy as assistant of practical teaching. Then she improved her practice by working in several beauty salons as a leading cosmetologist. He returns to the Academy as a full-time professor of practical teaching.
  • Practical teaching – Beauty therapy, Face
  • Epilation and
  • Sugaring
  • Body massage – practical teaching
Čila Dančo
Čila Dančo , cosmetologist – graduated at Aquatonale Beauty Academy 2005. After that, she perfected various techniques of nail treatment. He actively participates in many international congresses following constantly new trends.
Vice President of CIDESCO Serbia
  • Manicure,
  • SPA Manicure and
  • Japanese manicure
  • Nail enhancement and decoration
Dajana Mitrović
Dajana Mitrović, cosmetologist – graduated at Aquatonale Beauty Academy 2015. Hold lectures and practical demonstrations at congresses in Serbia.
Professor by invitation.
  • Depilation
  • Manicure,
  • SPA Manicure
  • Practical teaching – Beauty therapy, Face therapy
Professors by invitation:
Dr Andrea Bovero
Dr Andrea BoveroPresident CIDESCO Italy. Numerous lectures and awards at international congresses, hosted at CIDESCO Serbia congresses and at Aquatonale Academy. Leading expert in Italy and in the world for Spa and Wellness and Communication. CIDESCO International PR Committee member.
  • SPA and Wellness
  • Communication
Alessandro Paoletto

Alessandro Paoletto, vicepresident and docent CIDESCO Italy

  • Special Body Massage
Naši gostujući profesori
Jenny Modena
Jenny Modena – the most famous image creator in the world. Graduated Gil Cagne Academy, graduated the Diego di Palma Academy. Nowadays she is owner and director of the eminent Make up Academy in Milan. She was make up maker for the Cannes Film Festival; for the Film Oscar Award. He is a permanent collaborator for make up in Cinecita, Rome Film Studio.
  • Make-up – advanced level
  • Make-up – high level
Siro Canarella
Siro Canarella – one of the greatest and most famous experts in Ayurvedic medicine in Italy and Europe. He is also a member and docent of CIDESCO Italy, holds a Ayurveda massage school and is known for various Ayurvedic therapies.
  • Ayurveda and
    Ayurvedic Therapy
Giorgio Dionisio
Giorgio Dionisio – – one of the greatest and most famous experts for body treatments and massage in Italy, Europe and the world. President CIDESCO Italy until 2005. , holds the well-known massage school OLIS, holds lectures all over the world and is known for various therapeutic methods.
  • Deep body massage
  • Emotional body massage
  • Lymph drainage
  • Holistic body massage
  • Postural body massage
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