Aquatonale Beauty Academy
During 30 years of education and thanks to the high-level of knowledge offering to students through its professors, Aquatonale Beauty Academy has become respected beauty academy well known in the world and the synonym for expertise and knowledge.
Dr Vera Zec
At the head of AQUATONALE BEAUTY ACADEMY is Dr Vera Zec , a world-renowned expert for Beauty&Spa therapy and cosmetologist, lecturer at many international conferences and seminars, a holder of many international awards and plaques, a writer of many professional texts, Ambasador WSO of Serbia and Expert member in Exam Commission WSO International.
In addition to its international activities, Dr. Vera Zec is also the organizer of all professional congresses in the field of cosmetics and Spa & Wellness in the country in last six years.
We have graduates from our school all over the world, over 650 graduated cosmetologists and beauticians. Our diploma is highly recognized in the world. Our graduates work in famous beauty centers and spa centers all over the world and in our country. They have leading positions and well-paid places on cruise-ships of famous companies.
Many of our graduate beauticians and cosmeticians have their famous and successful beauty salons, beauty centers and spa centers. Some of them also have their own schools.
Also our graduates have our full support in opening their own salons and centers, schools, as well as support in finding a job. We are always guided by philosophy –
great knowledge gives great opportunities
Always following the global trends and new technologies of of teaching and learning,
Aquatonale Beauty Academy introduces new methods of acquiring knowledge: congresses, seminars, study tours, international experts & visits, hosting in other schools; students &  exchange …
We have implemented online education.
All subjects teaching in AQUATONALE BEAUTY ACADEMY are exclusively professional subjects related to beauty and body therapy, cosmetology, health or Spa & Wellness.
The Academy is following all the news in the field of its activity and immediately includes them in its curriculum.
Graduates of Aquatonale Beauty Academy achieve outstanding results in their work thanks to the expertise gained at the Academy.
It is prestigious to study Aquatonale Beauty Academy Internacional
Academy has the students from all over the world: America, Austria, France, Greece, Italy, Jordan, Canada, Cuba, Hungary, Germany, New Zealand, Russia, Slovakia, Sweden, Great Britain and the countries of the former Yugoslavia: Bosnia and Hercegovina, Montenegro, Croatia, Macedonia, Slovenia – which is a confirmation of our internationality.
Join among the best graduates experts of Beauty, Cosmetology, Spa & Wellness or Make-up worldwide!
Aquatonale Beauty Academy
International Academy for Beauty Therapy, Cosmetology, esthetics science, spa & wellness with tradition of 30 years successful work, organize
Enrollment for 2024/25. year
Diploma of Aquatonale Beauty Academy is recognized in all five continents and is very respecting in the entire world!
World Spa & Beauty Organization uvrstila je Aquatonale Beauty Academy u Leading Excellence College u oblasti Spa & Beauty obuke
Leading Excellence for Spa & Beauty Professionals
Aquatonale Beauty Academy

Our address: Prizrenska 6, 11000 Belgrade, Stari Grad.


Aquatonale distributor for Serbia
“VERA ZEC” d.o.o.

Contact informacion:

mobile phone: 065/32-38-002, 063/77-70-512


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