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In November 1992 Dr Vera Zec founded Aquatonale Beauty Academy, the first private Beauty Academy in ex- YU space. Only one year later Aquatonale Beauty Academy became one of the best beauty schools and not only in ex Yu territory but entire world.
Only one year later, on November 1993, Academy celebrated the first anniversary in the very special AQUATONALE HEPENNING-u  and represented its beginning success.
AQUATONALE BEAUTY ACADEMY is founded to educate the new classes of beauticians (and already actual beautician) about new methods of beauty care and beauty treatments for face and body, specially based on using contemporary beauty products , as well Thalassa and spa beauty products, considering great expansion of spa and wellness in that period.
Microbiomi u savremenim tretmanima
The most important technics of beauty therapy, new machines applications and contemporary methods are regular subjects in academy. As well different anti-ageing methods very new in beauty therapy are very important subjects in this Academy.
Everydays innovations in cosmetics science needs new generations of beauticians and cosmetologists which are be able to apply immediately all possibilities offering by new generation of beauty products and apparatus which development rise more and more every day. Varieties of beauty treatments require great competence from beauticians.
Nowadays when innovations are happened rapid as thunderbolt the requirements for competence of beauticians is much more.

As well development of plastic surgery and medical esthetic treatment nowadays can change and beautify human body till marvelous requirement of client very quick. To be competitive with medical treatments new generation of beauticians/cosmetologists have to answer with beauty treatments with near same results as medical treatment. These need good education in last researching in dermatology, cosmetology, beauty therapy, mesotherapy, physiotherapy, ozone-oxygen therapy and hydrotherapy etc., as well as handling with contemporary apparatus.

In that period development of spa, wellness and Thalassa centers all over the world required new specialized experts – Spa & Wellness specialist who will be able to organize such centers and work in them according health and necessity of users.
According the requirements of beauty industry in that period these involved two departments in education:
Nowadays latest beauty products enable plenty of different beauty treatments for face and body, which are very precise in purpose and which give very satisfactory results. This enable to contemporary cosmetics results equal plastic surgery. For such level of beauty treatments besides top level of beauty products and mighty apparatus competence and knowledge of beauty therapist is very important…
High competence and knowledge will be obtain only in school with proven experience
Philosophy of AQUATONALE BEAUTY ACADEMY is: High competence with high quality beauty products will give maximum results and will satisfied the most fastidious client
In sense of that, using AQUATONALE, BeautyMed, Thalaspa and Biologie Pierre Boutigny – top quality beauty products French origin and following high standards of CIDESCO, Aquatonale Beauty Academy developed many specified beauty treatments for face and body which give admirative results solving any client’s problem and those beauty treatments incorporated in teaching program.
The part of that treatments arethe very special type of massage created in Aquatonale Beauty Academy
These Beauty treatments are high rated in world Beauty industry and are intelectual property of Aquatonale.
Following trends in Beauty industry means always be informed about contemporary methods and beauty treatments in time, Aquatonale Beauty Academy is always in line with cosmetics science.
AQUATONALE BEAUTY ACADEMY is school with great experience and high international rating with 30 years of experience on 4 th November 2022.
AQUATONALE Becoming International School
During 30-years education offering high leveled knowledge Aquatonale Beauty Academy became well known Beauty Academy in the world, synonym for knowledge and competence in beauty industry.
CIDESCO flag in Belgrade brought Mrs J.Wackett vicepresident of CIDESCO Internacional
AQUATONALE BEAUTY ACADEMY helped establishing CIDESCO Section Serbia as a part of one big international assotiation.
In that period Aquatonale Beauty Academy adapted its educational program in accordance EU Regulation and Bologna Convention which makes AQUATONALE BEAUTY ACADEMY well known in all 5 continents and desirable for many countries to establish such a school – school offering high quality education.
At first was established the Beauty school in Singapore – “iMaster eAcademy” – Aquatonale Beauty Academy, Singapore:
After the school on Hawai established by our graduated student Bojan Arsenijević Kibo: „Lani Hawaii Beauty&Spa Academy“.
We are in negotiation for similar school in India, Jordan and other places entire world.
It is prestigious to study Aquatonale Beauty Academy Internacional!
Aquatonale Beauty Academy
International Academy for Beauty Therapy, Cosmetology, esthetics science, spa & wellness with tradition of 30 years successful work, organize
Enrollment for 2024/25. year
Diploma of Aquatonale Beauty Academy is recognized in all five continents and is very respecting the entire world!
World Spa & Beauty Organization level Aquatonale Beauty Academy as Leading Excellence College in Spa Beauty Therapy
Leading Excellence for Spa & Beauty Professionals
Aquatonale Beauty Academy

Our address: Prizrenska 6, 11000 Belgrade, Stari Grad.


Aquatonale distributor for Serbia
“VERA ZEC” d.o.o.

Contact informacion:

mobile phone: 065/32-38-002, 063/77-70-512
e-mail: aquatonale.info@gmail.com


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