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Aquatonale Beauty Academy has very developed cooperation with all cruise-ship companies. Since its establishment in 1992, academy was preparing various profiles of skilled personnel to work on ships.

All those who passed the training at the Aquatonale Beauty Academy and boarded the ship received high recognition for their professionalism and competence, both for the work they performed and for a professional relationship with their clients and colleagues. Almost all of them had renewed contracts several times, each time with a much better position. Some have achieved the position of the main Spa manager on the cruiser, for example, Milan Miković, who had several times renewed the contract.
Working on-board is not an ordinary job. This requires to be exceptional prepared for both: the on-board work and as well for the long-term stay on board.
For that reason Aquatonale Beauty Academy has specially defined courses for working on cruise on-board
The training is conducted in cooperation with recruiting centers in Europe and around the world, and it is fully aligned with Cruise Ship standards.
All those who complete these courses in addition of the Aquatonale Beauty Academy Certificate also receive Certificate of well prepared for staying on-board, which enable them to obtain the job on cruisers faster and better paid position
What means CIDESCO certificate for obtain job on the cruiser is best explained in the article issued in CIDESCO Link Magazine written about the visit Ms Debbie Weaver, Chief Directors of Worldwide Recruitment in Steiner, to Belgrade.
Dana Ristić, Vera Zec sa Ms Debbie Weaver u Beogradu
Ms Debbie Weaver:

“Ms Debbie Weaver, The Head of Recruitment at The Steiner Company London visited Belgrade to meet and give thanks to all the
people at the Centre who have been involved in the education of future on-board crew.
For this occasion, the recruitment centre prepared a lovely dinner in a beautiful Belgrade restaurant. The guests were people and
schools who had collaborated with. Ms Debbie Weaver personally gratified to each person to help develop such a useful centre. Especially Ms Weaver was pleased to meet the President of CIDESCO Serbia, Vera Zec, leading professor in Aquatonale Beauty
Academy International which provides a lot of the candidates for on-board spa jobs after their training. Ms Debbie Weaver
mentioned that The Steiner Company highly rated every CIDESCO Diploma or Certificate and those candidates with these are
always very well prepared. She spent a plenty of time in conversation with CIDESCO Serbia representatives and underlined that
collaboration with CIDESCO is very important for Steiner. Also, she underlined to Mrs Dana Ristic the importance of The Steiner
Recruiting Center in Belgrade collaborating with CIDESCO Serbia.”

Aquatonale Beauty Academy has continuously open courses for on-board jobs training
Beside cooperation with Steiner, Aquatonale Beauty Academy also cooperates with other recruiting companies:
Cast-A-Way Europe Cruise & Resort Hiring Agency, Canyon Ranch, LivNordic etc.
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