During 30 years of education Aquatonale Beauty Academy gave many generations of very successful beauticians, cosmeticians and beauty and massage therapists. They are spread all over the world obtaining very successfully career and their work is very respectable by their clients. Some of them has own Beauty or Spa centers, hotels, even a schools. Some of them stay in own native country, but some moved in far countries. But if they are anywhere in the world they have something same: they are rich in knowledge which gives them success.
We will mentioned some of them:
Aquatonale experts:
  1. Marta Kadas, Cosmetologist-Beauty therapist from Bečej – member of CIDESCO Serbia Board, Beauty
    salon and Spa owner
  2. Bojan Arsenijević Kibo, Massage therapist from Lazarevac, lives and works in Hawaii, Waikiki, spa center
  3. Marina Kovač, Beauty specialist from Kovačica
  4. Natasa Popović, Beauty specialist from Belgrade
  5. Majda Kajkuš, Beauty specialist from Novi Pazar, Beauty salon owner
  6. Aneta Moškov, Beauty specialist from Kotor, Beauty salon owner
  7. Chilla Dancho, Cosmetologist-Beauty therapist from Bečej, vice-president of CIDESCO Serbia, Beauty
    salon and Spa owner
  8. Biljana Spasojević, Cosmetologist-Beauty therapist from  Belgrade, professor at Aquatonale Beauty
  9. Irena Popović, Cosmetologist-Beauty therapist from  Požarevac, Beauty salon owner
  10. Aleksandra Nikolić, Cosmetologist-Beauty therapist from London, works at airport Heathrow in duty free
  11. Mirjana Lazarević, Cosmetologist-Beauty therapist, lives and works in Lyon, France
  12. Tijana Lekić, Cosmetologist-Beauty therapist, Beauty salon owner in Zemun
  13. Violeta Poleksić, Massage therapist, lives and works in Strasbourg
  14. Milan Miković, Massage therapist on Cruise Ships Lines, spa manager
  15. Marina Rajić Cosmetologist-Beauty therapist from Belgrade, Beauty salon owner
  16. Tijana Spajić Cosmetologist-Beauty therapist from Bečej, lives and works in Dubai
  17. Jovana Dragutinović-Parić Cosmetologist-Beauty therapist from Belgrade, Beauty salon owner and
    distributor of American famous brand, lives and works in Croatia
  18. Jovana Petković Cosmetologist-Beauty therapist from  Belgrade, works in the Esthetics medical clinic in
  19. Sanja Kalezić, Cosmetologist-Beauty therapist from Podgorica, Montenegro, Beauty salon owner
  20. Natalija Kujumdzijeva, Cosmetologist-Beauty therapist from Skopje, Macedonia, Beauty salon owner
  21. Tea Andrić Cosmetologist-Beauty therapist from  Kotor, Beauty salon owner
  22. Tomić Nadja, Cosmetologist-Beauty therapist from Šabac, works in famous beauty center at Šabac
  23. Kocić Nataša, Cosmetologist-Beauty therapist from Smederevo, Beauty salon owner
  24. Ivana Grujić, Massage therapist from Belgrade, after job on cruise ship, now works at spa center of hotel
    Hilton, Belgrade
  25. Jelena Šuković, Massage therapist from Belgrade, after job on cruise ship, now works at spa center of
    hotel Hilton, Belgrade
  26. Svjetlana Lazarević, Cosmetologist-Beauty therapist, owner of hotel Termag at Jahorina and general
    manager of spa center
  27. Ivana Antanasijević, Cosmetologist-Beauty therapist from Požarevac, lives and works in Vienna
  28. Deniza Zekaj, Cosmetologist-Beauty therapist from  Subotica, lives and works in Lil, France
  29. Ivana Jović, Cosmetologist-Beauty therapist from Kostolac, Beauty salon owner at Požarevac
  30. Marina Pečer Fountouki, Cosmetologist-Beauty therapist, lives in Greece and works as spa manager in
    one luxury hotel
  31. Marijana Lugonja, Cosmetologist-Beauty therapist from Novi Sad, works at famous Medical clinic
  32. Dajana Mitrović, Cosmetologist-Beauty therapist from Novi Sad, Beauty salon owner
  33. Natalija Vujović, Cosmetologist-Beauty therapist from Podgorica, works at one big Beauty at Podgorica
    and very famous expert
  34. Ana Nikolić, Cosmetologist-Beauty therapist from USA, lives and works in Texas, USA
  35. Djulijana Djordjević, Cosmetologist-Beauty therapist, works in famous Belgrade Beauty center
  36. Jovanka Puljanović, Cosmetologist-Beauty therapist, works in spa center in Italy
  37. Nevena Radovanović, Cosmetologist-Beauty therapist, works in Italy
  38. Irena Vasić, Beauty therapist and Make-up maker from Lazarevac, Beauty salon owner at Lazarevac,
    Famous Artistic Make-up Maker
  39. Milica Načić, Cosmetologist-Beauty therapist, Beauty salon owner at Bor
  40. Amina Kamešničanin, Cosmetologist-Beauty therapist, Beauty salon owner at Novi Pazar
  41. Maja Komljenović, Beauty specialist from Vrnjačka banja, lives and works in Vienna
  42. Maria Fasoura, Cosmetologist-Beauty therapist lives and works in famous clinic center in Athenes, Greece
  43. Yamilet Vaskez Bogdanović, Cosmetologist-Beauty therapist from Cuba, lives and works in Belgrade and

And much more all around the world…

The success of graduates of Aquatonale Beauty Academy was best exposed by Katarina Veljković, who has a very successful cosmetic company on New Zealand, in her letter written to Dr Vera Zec:

“Dear professor,

There is no enough word of thanks that I can use to say “thank you” for all my success I have obtain
thanks to help and support you offered me through my education.
My dear professor, nowadays I am owner of one company which distribute AQUATONALE on New
Zealand. Also, I work as instructor of beauticians. You could not believe, when I made face massage or
beauty treatment to explain to employee how to use AQ products, I always finished with job offering with
very high salary.

The Beauty treatments you are teaching in Aquatonale Beauty Academy are high rated in the world and
face massage is higher rated than any massage teaching in British school here.

Thank you very much, dear professor, on knowledge you unselfish gave to me, on your patience and
support, and encourage me to go on.
My knowledge is a great thanks to Aquatonale Beauty Academy and you
My best cordialy regards,
Katarina Veljković
Aquatonale Cosmetic therapist and representativ for NZ
www. ”

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