International school for cosmetology, esthetic and spa & wellness with 30 years of succesful tradition
Enrollment for 2024/25.
For department:
Spa & Wellness
NEW!!! Esthetics-Beauty therapy
Documents necessary:
  • Request
  • Interview – conversation with future students
  • Necessary documentation to include:
  1. Secondary school diploma (original + ph.copy)
  2. Certificate of birth (original + ph.copy)
  3. Photocopy of Indentity Card or Passport
Interveiew can be assignet on phone:
  • +381 65 32 38 002 – every day from 10 – 18h
  • +381 063 777 0 512 – every day from 10 – 18h
  • Or by email:
Interveiew day is Wendesday by appointed time During interview future student can clear all information about school, skolarship, diploma, certificate etc.

The Academy tradition is 30 years of education

Aquatonale Beauty Academy Diploma is world high rated diploma. Our students obtain job in famous beauty and spa centers all over the world. They have leading positions with good salaries in famous hotels, beauty and spa centers. Our graduates have own beauty centers, spas, beauty institutes, spa centers. They have good positions and high salaries on well-known cruise-ships of different cruise companies… All our graduates have our great support in establishing own beauty and spa centers. Also we support our graduates in finding good positions jobs.
School Programme

Academy Program is modified to all regulations of EU i CIDESCO Rules for beauty therapy schools. The subjects teaching in the school covered complete face and body therapy with necessary scientific information in medicine, biology, chemistry, pharmacy and other sciences, which helps better understanding some therapies. The education is consisting of theory and practice. After block of theory is followed with block of practice.

Practice in Academy

Considering that Academy is world recognized school and according International Rules in school practice are included five
world-class French brands:

  • AQUATONALE – Beauty products of prestigious French brand
  • THALASPA – Beauty products for thalassotherapy for face and body
  • BEAUTYMED – Beauty products for medical cosmetics
  • BIOLOGIE PIERRE BOUTIGNY – Beauty products of very luxury brand
  • PERLUCINE – Nature and organic beauty products.

Students have the practice in the modern equipped classroom and three modern equiped training rooms with contemporary apparatus. Active student practice is our priority. All practice is well planned.

Methodology of teaching

We have a very special methodology of teaching some subjects unique in the world and it is our intellectual property. This methodology is high rated all over the world and is already implemented in many cosmetic school and university in the world.

Cruise ship training

The academy has a close collaboration with the recruitment centers of all cruise ship companies worldwide. Read more!

Collaboration with International Organizations

Academy very close collaborates with different international organizations: students changing, professors hosting, possibilities to
attend different courses abroad for our students.
Academy also organizes Master level courses in collaboration with WSO (World Spa Organization) with International
Diploma: Executive Master in Spa Manager or Executive Master in Beauty Therapy
We are international certified Academy (Certified Leading Excellence College)

Our Certificates and Diplomas are recognised all over the world.

Many schools in the world work according our licence.

Academy in Singapore:

Aquatonale Beauty Academy has branch in Singapore

The school in Hawai, USA, leading by our student Bojan Arsenijević. We are preparing the same school in India, Mumbai. We are preparing a few new projects

We are International Academy for Beauty Therapy

Your passport for all the world!

Aquatonale Beauty Academy

International Academy for Beauty Therapy, Cosmetology, esthetics science, spa & wellness with tradition of 30 years successful work, organize
Enrollment for 2024/25. year
Diploma of Aquatonale Beauty Academy is recognized in all five continents and is very respecting the entire world!
World Spa & Beauty Organization level Aquatonale Beauty Academy as Leading Excellence College in Spa Beauty Therapy

Leading Excellence for Spa & Beauty Professionals

Aquatonale Beauty Academy


Our address: Prizrenska 6, 11000 Belgrade, Stari Grad.


Aquatonale distributor for Serbia
“VERA ZEC” d.o.o.

Contact informacion:

mobile phone: 065/32-38-002, 063/77-70-512


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