Aquatonale Beauty Academy

In November 1992 Dr Vera Zec founded Aquatonale Beauty Academy, the first private cosmetics school in ex Yugoslavia.



AQUATONALE BEAUTY ACADEMY is founded in purpose to educate new beauticians and already graduate beauticians in new technique and protocols of all new treatments for face and body specially based on using thalassotherapy, spa products and advanced beauty products with anti-ageing specialty.


Everyday innovations in cosmetics brand need new generation of beauticians that are able to obtain all benefits of the fast developing range of cosmetics products and machines applied in different treatments.





New products offer many varieties of face and body treatments and are very precious in purpose and with amazing results..



The philosophy of AQUATONALE BEAUTY ACADEMY is that very good knowledge incorporated in very good cosmetics products will give maximum results and will satisfy the most refinery customer.




Based always on AQUATONALE cosmetics and thalassoterapy products Aquatonale Beauty Academy developed today many different treatments which can solve any existing client’s problem for face or body with amazing results and incorporated that treatments in regular teaching program.

Only one year later, November 1993, Aquatonale Beauty Academy became one of the best cosmetic school not only in ex Yugoslavian territory, but more around. The same year Aquatonale Beauty Academy was celebrating the first anniversary and the school success was represented on special “AQUATONALE HEPENNING”.


Nowadays AQUATONALE BEAUTY ACADEMY has 20 years tradition.


During 20 years of educational work and thanks to high expertise knowledge offering to their students Aquatonale Beauty Academy is become high appreciate cosmetics academy well known in the world and synonym for expertise and knowledge.
In the ages of such developing plastic surgery and medical treatments that beautify human face and body very rapidly and satisfy all clients’ requests, the new generation of beauticians with knowledge based on last scientific research in dermatology, cosmetology, cosmetics mesotherapy, physiotherapy, ozone-oxygen therapy, hydro-therapy and handling with modern contemporary machines is quite necessary.

Developing many Spas, Wellness and Thalassotherapy centers all over the world also needs the very specialized experts Spa&Wellness specialist wich will be able to organize them, to prescribe different treatments and to work in them applying all therapies offering there.

AQUATONALE BEAUTY ACADEMY is such organize to response to all necessity of advanced cosmetology preparing experts in two brands:



Based on AQUATONALE and tradition and experience of Terms Marines de Saint Malo advanced AQUATONALE BEAUTY ACADEMY is a very appreciated cosmetics school in the world with qualified beauticians and cosmetologists  in almost all countries all over the world, which are very successful thanks to knowledge obtained in AQUATONALE BEAUTY ACADEMY.


academi2AQUATONALE BEAUTY ACADEMY is under the direction of cosmetologist Dr Vera Zec world recognized scienstist  and the winner of many awards in cosmetics and sreaker of many scientific lectures in world seminars and congresses. Educational program and subjects of AQUATONALE BEAUTY ACADEMY is organized respecting the all EU regulations, CIDESCO recomendation and is  under the law of EU for cosmetics school organization.





AQUATONALE BEAUTY ACADEMY is recognized and respected school in all continents in the world.

All subjects in AQUATONALE BEAUTY ACADEMY are very expertise subjects strictly connecting with cosmetology or spa&wellness.

Academy team follows all new innovations in cosmetology or spa&wellness and incorporates them in regularly teaching program immediately.
All these years from its foundation – 20 years – Aquatonale Beauty Academy is developing new protocols and treatments.


Nowaday it is modern cosmetics university with two departments:



In the Academy students have for practice a few spaces modern equipped.

For practice are used four high level French cosmetics brands:

  • AQUATONALE – French prestige cosmetics brand for face and body
  • THALASPA – French thalasotherapy cosmetics brand for face and body
  • BEAUTYMED – French medical use cosmetics brand for face and body
  • BIologue Pierre Boutigny – French luxory cosmetics brand for face and body


Graduated students of Aquatonale Beauty Academy obtain magnificent results in their work and can satisfy every client.

Nowadays it is a world prestige to be a student of Aquatonale Beauty Academy.

You can become the best expertise cosmetologist in the world if:




Twenty years of successful work is guaranty for
Quality and Tradition.


Today Aquatonale Beauty Academy is well-known cosmetics Academy with experts all over the world:

Dr Vera Zec recognized scientist, speaker of many scientific lectures in many world seminars and congresses and winner of many International awards and plaques, honored with CIDESCO Attestation has incorporated in Aquatonale Beauty Academy all her life work and knowledge:



How much success is possible to obtain thanks to Aquatonale Beauty Academy benefits said Katarina Veljkovic cosmetology expert and Aquatonale distributor for N.Z.




Other Aquatonale experts:

Marta Kadas, cosmetologist from Becej – CIDESCO Atesttation owener
Marina Kovač specialist of cosmetology from Kovačica
Natasa Popović specialist of cosmetology from Belgrade
Majda Kajkuš specialist of cosmetology from Novi Pazar
Aneta Moškov specialist of cosmetology from Kotor

Chilla Dancho, cosmetologist from Becej
Biljana Spasojević cosmetologist from Belgrade
Irena Popovic, cosmetologist from Pozarevac
Aleksandra Nikolic, cosmetologist from London
Mirjana Lazarevic, cosmetologist from Lyon
Violeta Poleksic, massage therapist from Strasbourg
Milan Mikovic, massage therapist on Cruise Ships Lines
Marina Rajić cosmetologist from Belgrade
Tijana Spajić cosmetologist from Bečej
Jovana Dragutinović cosmetologist from Belgrade
Jovana Petković cosmetologist from Belgrade
Sanja Kalezic, cosmetologist from Podgorica
Natalija Kujumdzijeva, cosmetologist from Skopje
Tea Andrić cosmetologist from Kotor
Tomić Nadja cosmetologist from Šabac
Kocić Nataša cosmetologist from Smederevo

and many others all over the world