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Dr Vera Zec


DR Vera Zec

  • graduated in Belgrade University – Faculty of Technology – Electrochemistry department
  • postgraduate study level – Faculty of Technology – producing antibiotics and cosmetics products
  • specialization in Cosmetology
  • special scientific researching work in: Cathode effects by applying modifying currents machines on human body
  • doctorate medical cosmetology
  • great numbers of scientific works in cosmetology
  • ageing and anti-ageing
  • estetic dermatology
  • cellulite – patology and treatments
  • phytotherapy in cosmetics practice
  • aromatherapy
  • marino therapy
  • ozone-therapy
  • vitamins and human body
  • researching works in applying ozone therapy and hydro-ozone therapy in cosmetology
  • two lectures in International Congress of ozone therapy and hydro-ozone therapy, Brazil 2011, have included in regularly lessons in Sao Paolo University
  • studied many sciense disciplines as:
  • dermocosmetology
  • cellulite – patology and treatments
  • phytotherapy in cosmetics practice
  • aromatherapy
  • marino therapy
  • vitamins and human body
  • different body and face massage
  • fruit acids – AHA and BHA and their esters – peelings and applying
  • human and industrial lasers
  • human US, cavitacia, industrial US


  • graduated many specialized courses in:
  • ayurveda
  • acupressura and bioenergy meridians
  • meridian massage
  • chakra massage
  • connecting tissue massage
  • hot stone massage
  • cold stone massage
  • jewels massage
  • hot chocolate massage – black and white
  • honey massage
  • hot towel massage
  • singing bowl massage
  • crystal therapy
  • Inca massage
  • nutrition and diets


  • many important and well recognized lectures in National and Iinternational Congresses and Seminars:


  • Two important lectures in cosmetics – Taiwan 2001
  • Golden plaque in International seminar for Spa, Wellness and Thalasotherapy – Seoul 2005, S. Korea
  • Two noticed lectures in International Congress of Ozone therapy and Hydro-ozone therapy, Rio de Janeiro 2011, Brazil
  • Lecture in CIDESCO Congress, Roma 2011, Italy


  • CIDESCO Attestation
  • Many newspaper articles and reviews for international and national journals and magazines:


  • Up to Date
  • Revista
  • Beauty Forum
  • Les Nouvelles Esthétiques
  • Kozmokozmetika
  • Lepota I Zdravlje
  • Beauty Expert
  • Bilje I zdravlje
  • Spa & wellness
  • Politikin Magazin
  • Ilustrovana politika
  • Praktična žena


  • Founder of “Aquatonale Beauty Academy” 20 years ago – the first academy for cosmetology (university range) in Serbia and ex-Yugoslavia
  • Professor of cosmetology in “Aquatonale Beauty Academy” for 20 years


  • winner of many international awards and plaques: CIDESCO Attestation



Dr Vera Zec are incorporated in Aquatonale Beauty Academy all her life work and knowledge 

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