Spa & Wellness


complete education lasted two years or four semesters
education covered all advanced
spa, wellness and thalassotherapy knowladge
and is divided in two degrees:

first degree 
2 semester
7 subjects
5 exams
specialist SPA-asisstent
second degree
2 semester
9 subjects
9 exams
specialist SPA manager




Passing exams after every degree the students obtain the certificate or the diploma with next specialty

The first (certificate) degree: SPA-assistant

The second (diploma) degree: independent SPA manager

After all two degrees and graduated exams the diploma with next specialty is obtaining
Graduated SPA manager

The diploma or certificate is two-languages-French and English

The diploma on Serbian language or other language possible

Every diploma is in France signed and sealed by AQUATONALE

The Academy is High School ranged

MASTER level

After graduated all two degrees students can continue studies on master level and obtain speciality:


It is not necessary to pass all three degrees
The degrees are independent




Degrees are independent, but it is necessary to be followed

Spa&Wellness (first, second)
Lessons are organized two bounded days a week and lasted whole day
Practice is organized after theory lessons
School organizes Theory lessons and Practice