School Program and Lessons

Subjects are strictly cosmetics or spa&wellness specify


Program and subjects are results of 22 years of experience, adjusted according EU regulations and Bologna Convention and adjusted with CIDESCO recommendation 

for both departments: 

Degrees are independent, but it is necessary to be followed


  • Cosmetology (first, second, third)
  • Spa&Wellness (first, second)


Lessons are organized two bounded days a week and lasted whole day
Practice is organized after theory lessons

School organizes Theory lessons and Practice

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The school has modern equipped classroom and modern equipped few beauty centers and center for spa&wellness for practice 

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All necessary modern equipment for practice is obtained
Best quality cosmetics products is obtained

Extra paid possibility for learning French language all three years
(language of cosmetics)
or English language all two years (language of spa)

School year started on 15th October and lasted till 15th October next year
Winter semester: from 15th October till 15th February,
Exams: from 15th February till 1st March
Summer semester: from 15th March till 25th June,
Exams: from 25th June till 15th July
Extra exams: from 7th October till 15th October

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