Revitalize Line

REVITALIZE LINE code quantity
Cleansing Milk Mature and Stressed Skin 112001 200 ml
Tonic Lotion Mature and Stressed Skin 112002 200 ml
ReVitalize Day Cream 110503 50 ml
ReVitalize Night Cream 110504 50 ml
ReVitalizing Cream Mask 110505 50 ml
ReVitalizing Active Fluid 110306 30 ml


ReVitalize Line is skin care line primarily developed for over 40 women whose skin starts showing damage of hormonal, aging and enviromental influence.
ReVitalize Line decrease skin:

–  fine lines appearance
–  thinning
–  elasticity loss
–  moisture loss
–  wrinkles

Also, ReVitalize Line stimulate cells renewal, improve skin cells metabolism, protect against aging, soften and refresh skin compexion.

ReVitalize Line with its properties is exactly pointed for needs mature and stressed skin







Main ingredients:
Ulva Lactuca Algae extract
Euphrasia Offic. extract
Almond oil
Wheat germ oil
Tocopheryl acetate