Face Retail Line



All products are natural and Marino origin, and are the result of years of research and experience. They are produced from raw materials such as various marine algae, marine collagen, hidromarin, seromarin, hemolymph sea, marine DNA, oligocean, chitosan, sea water, sea mud and sea minerals – materials that come from the depths of the sea, and are so valuable for cosmetics. All the best that nature offers us enhances the Aquatonale product .



Within Aquatonale  line for face are cleaners for all types of skin, care line  for sensitive areas around the eyes, a line of products for tired and stressed  damaged skin, care products for all types of skin. In our offer you can find the line of products to prevent aging of the skin , that is  based on recent results of marino biotechnology research in order to slow down the aging process and prevents skin.


Chitosan products  are based on Chitosan j marine extracts to soften the skin, reduces wrinkles and fine lines, restores skin elasticity, hydrates the skin and has anti-allergy effect. All medical benefits of chitosan are  used in Aquatonale  laboratory for development of Chitosan cellulaire Line,which is delivering significant results for all skin types.



 Special Care Line  Chitosan Cellulare
 Dry or Sensitive Skin  Oily and Problematic Skin
 Aging Defense Line  Clarifying Line
revit_lice_licnaRevitalize Line  Eye Care Line
 Sun Line