Body Professional Line


All products are natural and Marino origin, and are the result of years of research and experience. They are produced from raw materials such as various marine algae, marine collagen, hidromarin, seromarin, hemolymph sea, marine DNA, oligocean, chitosan, sea water, sea mud and sea minerals – materials that come from the depths of the sea, and are so valuable for cosmetics. All the best that nature offers us enhances the Aquatonale product .


Aquatonale laboratory developed Retail Body Care Range to complement the various treatments offered by St.Malo Thalassotherapy Center. Home treatments regularely applied with various possibilities of Retail Body Care prevent and correct body figure. Also, Aquatonale Beauty Academy gives free advise how to choose or use high quality Aquatonale products, which will satisfy the most refinery client and give amazing results.
The association of marine origin compounds and land plants compounds give the Body Cosmetics Line compatible for everybody and every type of skin.


 Balneo Therapy and Baths  Exfoliating Body Scrubs
 Body Lotions  Slimming Body Treatment
 Tretmani za učvršćivanje i zatezanje  Tretmani za relaksaciju i detoksikaciju
 Special Bust Firming  Leg and Foot Products
 Marine Therapy