About Aquatonale



AQUATONALE is the worldwide famous cosmetic brand which range of products covered all beauty treatments for face and body with many varieties.

AQUATONALE is based in the Brittany, the northern part of France and partnered with the famous St. Malo Spa, one of the oldest term-marine.

All AQUATONALE products are naturally and marine based and are results of many years of researching and experience – derived from ingredients as different sea algae, sea collagen, hydromarin, seromarin, sea hemolimph, marine DNA, oligocene, chitosan, seawater, seaweed, sea minerals and sea mud – the ingredients so precious for the good cosmetics products and all coming from sea.

All the best things nature offers to us is composed in AQUATONALE products.

Photo mr boutigny2 033

When started to produce natural sea cosmetics and partnered with the famous Les Therms Marines de Saint Malo, Mr. Pierre Boutigny had a vision of future.

“Years of marine biotechnology research in concert with Les Thermes Marins De St. Malo have produced a curative and professional product line precise in purpose and exact in result. At Aquatonale, we believe in the therapeutic effects of the ocean and strive to bring its bracing beauty and healing properties to every woman” Pierre Boutigny, Aquatonale International President.


Nowadays spas and thalassotherapy are kind of a living of many people in the world, the way to overcome possible diseases bringing everyday life. Spas and thalassotherapy are not only popular they are needs of modern human.

And the same is for spa and thalassotherapy cosmetics.

What is SPA?

Spa is term coming from Latin words: Sanus Per Aquam means curing through water.

What is thalassotherapy?

Thalassotherapy means an ancient therapy using seawater and sea elements to restore and revitalize the skin and body.

Aquatonale Laboratory


AQUATONALE, which has cultivated the ocean and its contents via marine biotechnology research, gives the consumer generations of thalassotherapy innovations.

The human body and blood is comprised of more than 70% fluid very close in its composition to seawater making Aquatonale an unparalleled line for the face and body. With this combination, AQUATONALE provides the consumer with synergy, compatibility and harmony in each treatment. Sea-based products are preventative, corrective, restorative, and precise in purpose.

AboutAquatonale1[1]AQUATONALE is one of the worldwide-specialized companies only in thalassotherapy-based products. Specialized in thalassotherapy AQUATONALE is developed today in big modern cosmetics producing plant with name AQUATONALE Cosmetics that cover four brands – AQUATONALE, THALASPA, BEAUTYMED i Biologue Pierre Boutigny.



fabAQUATONALE research laboratories are based on the latest results of scientific research world-known chemists, cosmetologists, dermatologists, estheticians, physiotherapists and hydro-therapists that inaugurated the AQUATONALE products between the first quality cosmetics products in the world.

Therefore the professionals and their clients get the benefits of generations of thalassotherapy innovations from AQUATONALE and its marine biotechnology research.

Also, the experience and success of the world-known St. Malo Spa in Brittany can enter through AQUATONALE in every beauty center in the world.

AQUATONALE clients get the benefits of nutrient-rich ingredients that can only be found in the sea and offer in the nature.


Together with Aquatonale Beauty Academy where all beauticians techniques and different face and body treatments are developing to perfection AQUATONALE products obtain complete success to consumer for the Retail or Professional use



Lloyd Quality Certificate


 For development, production, hygiene and quality of face and body products.



image015Once many years ago, during the Cosmetics Congress, just as I finished my lecture a colleague of mine asked me:


I answered simply:

“Because, according my rich experience, I have not found cosmetic brand with such good quality all over the world till now.

I have tested many worldwide cosmetics brands, but not such a quality.”

She asked me again:

“You talk such, because you are distributing Aquatonale?”

“No, if I find better quality cosmetics brand, I will change. I promise you.” – I answered.


From that moment passed twenty years, I have traveled all over the world visiting many Cosmetics Fairs and Exhibitions and I had many lectures and presentations in International Congresses and Seminars. During that time I have met many, many very good cosmetics brands and have received many offers from them for collaboration and distributing of different cosmetics brands – I made the book from those offers.


But I am still with AQUATONALE…

                                                                    Dr Vera Zec






Since 1992 Dr Vera Zec and her company “Vera Zec’’ are general representatives of AQUATONALE cosmetics products for ex Yugoslavian territory. The period she started AQUATONALE was quite unknown brand in that district. Believing in great possibilities offering of the best cosmetics in the world she worked very much developing and widened market in ex Yugoslavian countries and making AQUATONALE COSMETICS best known and best selling cosmetics brands in ex Yugoslavian countries which AQUATONALE really deserves.

The same year in November Dr Vera Zec founded Aquatonale Beauty Academy, the first private cosmetics school in ex Yugoslavia. Only one year later, November 1993, Aquatonale Beauty Academy became one of the best cosmetic school not only in ex Yugoslavian territory, but more around. One year later celebrating the first anniversary the school success was represented on special “AQUATONALE HEPENNING”.



Aquatonale HEPENING in BELGRADE 1993



Nowadays, many years after, Aquatonale Beauty Academy gave many generations of graduated cosmeticians and cosmetologists, which become successful and worldwide well known experts thanks to knowledge they have obtain in Aquatonale Beauty Academy.


AQ hepenning: Mr.Boutigny cuts AQ cake


image019Today it is modern cosmetics school with two departments: Cosmetics and Spa manager.

All this year Aquatonale Beauty Academy work in developing new protocols and new techniques for face and body treatments following all researching and innovations from all the world and incorporated them in school program and in advanced body and face treatments.

Based always on AQUATONALE cosmetics and thalassoterapy products Aquatonale Beauty Academy developed today many different treatments which can solve any existing client’s problem for face or body with amazing results.


During 20 years of educational work and thanks to high expert knowledge offering to their students Aquatonale Beauty Academy is become high appreciate cosmetics academy well known and well appreciate in the world.

In Rome in November 2011 was held CIDESCO and Global Beauty Forum Congress where high educational program and knowledge level of Aquatonale Beauty Academy were highly marked.



Dr Vera Zec in CIDESCO Congress in Rome – Novembre 2011



Nowaday Aquatonale Beauty Academy is modern high school – Cosmetics Academy with two departments:



  • Cosmetology

  • Spa&Wellness


This year Aquatonale Beauty Academy celebrate 20 years anniversary.